10W/40 FULLY-Synthesis-NEW-FORMULA(HC-GROUP-3)With fuel economy formula.

10W/40 (NEW-FORMULA)FOR Street(客製化-新上市)具省油配方.

DLE 100% PREMIUM SYN 10W40 SM/CF is a SAE 10W-40 high performance engine oil made from HC-synthesis base oils. The unique composition of selected base oils with a modern additive package provides its outstanding performance level.


    • ACEA A3/B3/B4 • API SM/CF • BMW LL 98 Perf. • MB 229.3 • Renault RN 700 • VW 502 00 / 505 00


    (HC-SYN BASE=GROUP-3 BASE) Fuel-Economy engine oil of SAE 10W-40 viscosity grade based on HC-synthesis. Excellently suited for both gasoline and diesel engines naturally aspirated or turbo-charged.


    • excellently suited for turbo-charged engines • reliably prevents from resin formation, varnishing and ring sticking of cylinders, pistons, valves and turbo chargers • real all-season use due to outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour and high shear stability • stable lubricating film even under very hot oil temperatures and/or very high stress • very low oil consumption • oxidation protection through selected HC synthesis oil components and special additive technology • reliable protection against black-sludge • proper function of hydraulic tappets • miscible and compatible with conventional, also as synthetic branded engine oils. To make use of the full performance benefit of DLE 100% PREMIUM SYN10W40 SM/CF a complete oil change is recommended

  • NOTS

    DLE 100% PREMIUM SYN10W40 SM/CF specially recommended for the use in gasoline and diesel engines independently if naturally aspirated or turbo-charged. It’s intended for use in vehicles without extended drain intervals. The modern conception of DLE 100% PREMIUM SYN10W40 SM/CF offers a broad range of applications under a wide variety of conditions.


    Normal street car.


    1LX20(Taiwan packaging) 50G=200L (Germany imported)