5W/40 C3+ MB-229.51 (The first to introduce) Germany 24h-Rennen Nürburgring (RACING OIL) Special formula. (Maintaining a strong engine power output)

(德國油廠實驗室在賽道上根據調配和測試,在極端負載和危急狀況保證了發動機的最大功率).This motor oil featuers excellent performance and secures maximum engine power even under extreme loads and critical conditions.

DLE POLYOLESTER FULLY SYN 5W/40 C3+ MB-229.51 is high performance engine oil with optimized viscosity grade, made from fully synthetic PAOs (Poly-Alpha-Olefin) and PolyolEster base oil. The unique composition of high VI (Viscosity Index) fully synthetic base oils with the modern additive package provides its outstanding performance level. (motor oil specifically designed for race cars and proven on the track.This motor oil featuers excellent performance and secures maximum engine power even under extreme loads and critical conditions.)


    •ACEA C3 •ACEA A3/B4-04 •API SM/CF •BMW Longlife-04 (covers Longlife-01/-98) •MB 229.31( MB-229.51 ) •VW 502 00/505 00---------------- The latest is MB 229.51 we can have it approval around EUR 50,000 for testing in Daimler Germany. The problem is Mercedes will not approve summer grade oil 60 visco. ACT GmbH.




    DLE POLYOLESTER FULLY SYN 5W/40 C3+ MB-229.51 has been specially designed to stand the needs of today’s gasoline and diesel vehicles. It fulfils at the same time it the requirements of many vehicle manufacturer, also as the ACEA C3 specification for a so called „low-ash“ product. In respect to manufacturers instructions it’s recommended in vehicles with exhaust after treatment devices (DPF = diesel particulate filter) also as in gasoline and diesel engines with/without turbo chargers.

  • NOTS

    •great rationalism product with multi functional applications in diesel and gasoline engines of several manufacturers •low sulphated ash content, also as low phosphorous and sulphur level prevent diesel particulate filter and 3-way catalysts from damage •very high oxidation resistance due fully syn-thetic PAO base oils in combination with PolyolEster base oils and extraordinary additive technology •excellent cold start behaviour even under extreme low temperature conditions •real all-season use due to outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour, high shear stability and adapted viscosity •stable lubricating film even under very hot oil temperatures and/or very high stress due to the optimized viscosity grade •excellently suited for turbo-charged engines •reliably prevents from resin formation, varnishing and ring sticking of cylinders, pistons, valves and turbo chargers •reliable protection against black-sludge •low oil consumption due to minimum evaporative loss •miscible and compatible with conventional, also as synthetic branded engine oils. To make use of the full performance benefit of DLE POLYOLESTER FULLY SYN 5W/40 C3+ MB-229.51 a complete oil change is recommended


    Ferrari, Lamborghini, Hi performance vehicle, NA Engine, Turbo-Charge Engine, Heavy weight motorbike…etc(diesel engines -(DPF = diesel par­ ticulate filter).


    1LX20 (Taiwan packaging ) 50G=200L (Germany imported)